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with Shopping 2.0, The Worldwide Shopping Community. 

Our Mission is to provide our Members with awesome Products presented in a totally unique way via Interactive, Entertaining and Engaging Shopping Formats, Deals and Giveaways on our Social Media Channels.

About 2zero (2.0)

How it started

Some years ago one of our founders was taken to the hospital with a severe and unpredictable illness. During his stay he realized that the other patients were coping with their uncertain future in different ways. Generally, the most negative/unsatisfied patients were the ones that were already marked by prior "stagnation" in life. Patients who were already satisfied before the diagnosis however started to plan their future with the illness shortly after, whereas they still tried to "advance themselves" despite the tougher circumstances and made a level-headed and happy impression. Dealing with these insights, as well as having a passion for social media, he got an idea for a global brand located on Social Media that would continually develop itself together with its members.

2zero (2.0).... a motivational, empathic and positiv Brand, that continuously develop itself together with its members in different Worldwide Communities

"Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still."



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